Boer Goat Breeders Association of Australia Victorian Branch

Newsletters 2010

December 2010

Key Features: Urinary calculii in bucks and wethers, pneumonia (a breeders experience), Sale and Lilydale Show results

November 2010

Key Features: "Floppy Kid" syndrome, navel infections

October 2010

Key Features: Melbourne and Shepparton Show results, selling goats for pets

September 2010

Key Features: Tips for saving kids

August 2010

Key Features: Emergency treatment for goats, getting ready for kidding (2)

July 2010

Key Features: Transporting of goats, getting ready for kidding (1)

June 2010

Key features: Worms and "scouring" in goats, double tagging, ordering tags online through the DPI (Vic)

May 2010

Key Features: Scabby mouth (Orf), Worms and egg counts, foot problems (scald)