Boer Goat Breeders Association of Australia Victorian Branch

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2012 Focus

Boer Goat meat production in Victoria primarily targets the high quality prime kid market. This requires the Boer Goat Stud industry in Victoria to offer sound, high production, and fast maturing genetics to the commercial sector. The actions in the Victorian plan specifically focus on assisting breeders to achieve high outcomes for the prime kid production sector.

These include:

1. Focusing on commercial breeders. The general feeling is this sector needs a higher profile and we need to grow the commercial industry to have a successful stud industry. This may be achieved by a series of workshops ranging from basic husbandry to more advanced such as selection of breeding stock, preparing goats for market, live exports or domestic meat and most important assessment of commercial goats so breeders/commercial growers understand the need for quality assurance.

2. To promote the need to critically evaluate breeding stock to improve our stud and commercial stock throughout the Nation.

3. To commence the development of a recording system of commercially important attributes of a meat goat.

4. To offer a BGBAA herd assessment service to commercial breeders and where appropriate overseas breeders. A simplified recording system to be offered.

5. To offer more advanced training packages that can be accessed by members, focused on breeding strategies, breed standards, commercial attributes, and animal husbandry.

6. To provide feedback to Breeders on the success or otherwise of our stud animals to both the export and domestic commercial industry and areas for improvement.

7. To promote a market for goat meat through advertising and promotional activities.

8. To encourage stud breeders to participate in objective measurement programs (kid plan etc.) and make results available to industry.


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